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by: H.C.Bhattacharyya


[This section was taken from The Homoeopathic Family Practice written by H.C.Bhattacharyya. It was a very good book and beneficial as a bedside prescriber.  - Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]


Fever, as evidenced by hot skin or by rise of temperature above 98% F is not a disease but a symptom. It is a symptom of deep-seated inflammation inside the body or blood-poisoning. But since, as a leading symptom, it furnishes valuable clue to treatment, fever is set up as a disease entity in medical literature.


Cause: Exposure to cold or wet or to inclemencies of weather, dietetic indiscretion, excessive fatique, etc.

Treatment:  (1) Aconite 3x (every 2 or 3 hours): If fever is due to exposure to dry cold wind or to fear or to surgical operations ; intense thirst or restlessness are prominent symptoms. (2) Belladonna 6: Intense headache; eyes red. (3) Rhus tox 6: Pain all over the body, especially so in the loins ; fever due to exposure to damp rainy weather ; or from getting wet after being over-heated or while perspiring. (4) Dulcamara 6: Fever due to getting wet in rainy season. (5) Ipecac 6: If nausea is very troublesome. (6) Pulsatilla 6: If fever is due to errors in diet or free baths and if the patient is thirstless.


Cause: Exposure to cold or wet, especially after one being over-heated ; sudden checking of perspiration ; taking of too much acids or dadhi (curd) ; indigestion.

Symptoms: Running of the eyes and nose ; flushing of face; redness of eyes, pains and aches all over the body ; headache ; sneezing ; nausea ; yawning ; hoarseness of voice ; cough ; pain in the chest ; constipation.


(1) In the commencement, the Camphor (either Rubini’s or solid camphor gr. 1 with betel). (2) Sneezing, rise of temperature, running from nose and eyes, restlessness, thirst : Aconite 3x – 6. (3) Constipation ; stuffy sensation in the nostrils (especially at night) : Nux 6 – 30. (4) Nausea or vomiting : Ipecac 3x. (5) Acid watery discharge from nostrils : Arsenic 6. (6) Eyes red, sleeplessness, headache : Belladonna 6. (7) Pain in chest and bronchitis, heavy head ; aches in hands and feet and back : Bryonia 6.

The patient should keep away from cold and wrap himself up warmly ; rub for mustard oil over nose, chest and sole of the feet. Take light diet.


CONTINUED FEVER (Seven or Ten Day Fever)


Aconite 3x – Pulse small, quick, bounding ; skin dry and hot ; alternate feelings of heat and cold ; frequent ; sneezing ; thirst, restlessness and high temperature ; headache ; quickened respiration ; aggravation of symptoms at night ; slight delirium ; fear of death. Stop medicine as soon as sweat appears.

Belladonna 3 – 30 : Inflamation of meninges, of brain and of throat ; slight chills but intense burning sensation ; sleeplessness ; thirst ; dry lips and mouth ; delirium ; intense headache ; morning. Belladonna is especially indicated in the cases of children and in stout and plethoric persons.

Bryonia album 3, 6, 30 : Heavy head ; pain in the throat, head, neck, upper and lower limbs and back, aggravated by movements ; dry cough, with difficulty in breathing ; burning pain in the stomach ; tongue coated with yellow fur ; vomiting of food matter ; mucus and bile ; face yellowish ; constipation ; intense thirst ; pain in the region of liver ; temperature fluctuates ; pulse quick ; mouth dry ; bitter belching.

Cina 3x – 200 : Fever with worms.

Gelsemium 1x : Especially useful in the case of children. Intense prostration – tremulous extremeties and tongue ; blurred speech ; inability so much as even to keep the eyes open or to lift the head ; dizziness and drowsiness ; blurred vision ; weak pulse ; slight or no thirst.

Veratrum viride 1x : Pulse full, quick and hard ; tongue yellow, furred with reddish centre ; much rigor ; headache (especially frontal) and dizziness ; nausea ; weakness.


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