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The Argent Nit. Type

Appearance: Pale complexion, looking older than actual age due to worry and tension.

Mental and emotional aspects: Cheerful and impressionable. Often anxious and worried. Always in a hurry and can be impulsive. Finds it difficult to control emotions. Readily laughs, cries and loses temper. Quick thinking and adept at solving problems. Tends to be extroverted to hide true feelings.

Physical weaknesses: Nervous system. Eyes. Digestive system. Ailments tend to the left side.
Dietary factors: Likes chocolate, candy, salt and cheese. Dislikes chilled foods.

The Argent Nit. child: Always moving around and never wants to sit still. Prone to nervousness and can experience upset stomach when stressed. May react badly to new situations like moving house. Can be prone to insomnia due to worry. Prone to bedwetting.

The Argent Nit. Types tend to have weak mucous membranes in their eyes.

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