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The Lycopodium Type

Appearance: Tall and lean with worry and frown lines on head. Often look older than their years. Facial twitching. Thinning hair in men. Dislikes wearing light clothing.

Mental and emotional aspects: A drama queen, creating mountains out of molehills. Insecure and hates change. Avoids commitment. Anxious over important events. Deep fear of being alone and of the dark. Forgetful. Finds trivial mistakes disproportionately irritating. Hates being contradicted.

Physical weaknesses: Digestive disorders, kidney stones, prostate, sore throats, male baldness. May be prone to chronic fatigue syndrome. Right-side problems.

Dietary factors: Likes sweet foods and warm drinks, onions, garlic and seafood. Dislikes cheese and strongly flavoured meats.

The Lycopodium child: Insecure and shy, though can be dominant and bossy with children they know. Prefers indoor pursuits over outdoors. Conscientious and achiever academically.

The Lycopodium type men can lose their hair early.

[Original site collection started in 2005. This site was before entitled Maljorie Dream. It is now represented by HBI for promoting homeopathy to all.  So, now is available virtually. - Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]



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