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Before consulting the remedies it is important that you have a look at the Modalities and the list of Things to Do, and Things Not to Do.


Modalities are circumstances that worsen or lessen the symptoms of the patient; they are a useful guide to choosing the right homeopathic remedy. The main types of modality are:

Physical modalities: include how movement affects the patient, position of the body, touch, rest, exertion, noise and smells.

Temperature: heat, warmth, cold, wind, damp, and the season may affect the symptoms.

Time: the time of day that the symptoms are more noticeable; may even change hourly.

Diet: different foods, drinks, stimulant or alcohol may affect the symptoms.

Localised modalities: symptoms may be worse on the left side of the body. Left-handed people may feel symptoms differently to right-handed people.


Keep your mouth free from food and drink for twenty minutes on either side of taking remedies.

Use homeopathic toothpaste as it will be free from elements that mat contaminate or counteract the homeopathic remedy.

Keep tablets out of reach of children and pets.

Store remedies away from strong-smelling oils and scents.

Store remedies in a dark place.


Donít just swallow tablets; they should be sucked until they dissolve.

Eat mints or menthol cough lozenges etc, including mint flavour toothpastes as they will interfere with the homeopathic remedy.

Donít use the following essential oils: camphor, eucalyptus, menthol, peppermint or rosemary.

Do not touch tablets with your skin, tap them into the lid then into your mouth as the sweat from your hands with interfere with the mixture, absorbing it from the tablet.

Do not apply any kind of cologne or perfume for half an hour either side of treatment.

[Original site collection started in 2005. This site was before entitled Maljorie Dream. It is now represented by HBI for promoting homeopathy to all.  So, now is again available virtually. - Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]



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