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The Sepia Type

Appearance: Slim and tall. Often sits with legs crossed. Likes to look attractive and elegant. Medium to dark hair, often with brown eyes.

Mental and emotional aspects: Can be irritable and easily offended. Tendency to be aggressive to loved ones. Cannot handle too much stress and tries to avoid pressure and deadlines. Can feel better after weeping, but does not like it when others are fussing around. Avoids crowds but fears being alone. Hates being contradicted, as holds strong opinions.

Physical weaknesses: These include all menopausal problems. Headaches and migraine. Skin problems. Other common ailments include constipation and haemorrhoids, chronic fatigue syndrome and depression. Conditions usually improve with exertion. Physical problems mostly occur on left side.

Dietary factors: Likes spices, sour and savoury foods, citrus fruits, sweet foods and alcohol. Dislikes dairy products, especially milk, rich and strongly flavoured meets and fatty foods.

The Sepia child: Greedy. Prone to constipation. Can become a bedwetter. Moody. Feels the cold and can become tired easily. Does not like being alone.

The Sepia type doesn’t like crowds but fears being alone.

[Original site collection started in 2005. This site was before entitled Maljorie Dream. It is now represented by HBI for promoting homeopathy to all.  So, now is available virtually. - Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]



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