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When choosing a treatment for someone, mental and emotional types should be taken into consideration; including such matters as the individualís fears and anxieties. An individualís temperament also needs consideration, this means looking at whether they are generally happy, tearful, sad, confident, lazy etc. Then other factors that may affect the individual need to be looked at to ascertain whether or not these factors affect the condition itself; such as how they respond to noise, if they are bright and alert in the morning, if they prefer to be in groups or on their own. Physical factors are also important; looking at whether the patient is short or tall, fat or thin, long or short limbed, under or overweight, their eye colour, hair colour, hair type, preferred type of clothing and so on.

  Once you have determined a constitutional type it is easier to prescribe a more effective treatment. For example, if someone is suffering from stomach pains. The best remedy for stomach pains is A, B, or C. The best remedy for the emotional aspects of a person is B and C. The best remedy according to the personís constitution is B, so B will be the best remedy. Remedy A would still have done some good being a known treatment for stomach pains but B would be more effective as it suits the symptoms and the person involved.

  Sample constitutional types are: Argent Nit. * Arsen. Alb. * Calc. Carb. * Graphites * Ignatia * Lachesis * Lycopodium * Merc. Sol.* Nat. mur. * Nux Vomica * Phosphorus * Pulsatilla  * Sepia * Silicea * Sulphur

[Original site collection started in 2005. This site was before entitled Maljorie Dream. It is now represented by HBI for promoting homeopathy to all.  So, now is available virtually. - Mohamed Hatta Abu Bakar HMD (BIH)]



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